My tips are easy and of course come with a bit of story... 


This is a mantra I tell myself often and most often applies to my workouts. It came from friend & #girlcrush Jessi Duley (BurnCycle). One morning I felt a tad of guilt (for ditching out on mom duty) as I left the house for a 6:30AM spin class. But of course, as soon as I got on the bike I was so proud of myself for being there. That morning Jessi, the spin instructor, said something in class that resonated with me. She was motivating us during one of the more challenging parts of the class and told us that ‘self care is self respect.' She applauded us for making the time for this class and taking care of our minds and bodies. Having her say that in class that morning truly struck a chord with me. What she said was so good to hear and turned my attitude about the class and about taking the time to workout, for myself, from a place of guilt to a place of appreciation. I look to Jessi and her classes as therapy sessions. She will hate me for saying this, but I count her as one of the most motivating people I know both in and outside of the studio.

I truly find a lot of personal bliss and satisfaction working out. Whether it be at BurnCycle with Jessi, on a run in Mt. Tabor or doing bootcamp in the wee hours of the morning in the gym at work. I really value the time I spend sweating it out. Three days a week I wake before Mike and Mo to get a workout in. Often times this means I don't get home for another 12 hours but I remind myself "self care is self respect" and is there any better value to instill in my son or practice with my partner?

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It is a very rare occasion that I do not have my nails not completely shellacked.  Since becoming a madre, I have kept my appointments, every 3-4 weeks, consistent and found a few ways to game the system so that I don’t have to take too much time away to get my nails did. My biggest hack is opting for a negative space mani. Its an update to your typical manicure, often takes less time and with the major bonus being that when it grows out you can’t really tell. (Click on link below to read full post on the Making La Madre site.)

3. GNO

Every month I get together with 4 close girlfriends and we have an organized 'Girls Night Out.' We pick a restaurant, meet up, dine, drink and talk through our ups and downs. I look forward to this time to be in the company of women I respect and admire. We are all at different phases of our lives and its so great to get together without distractions and focus on each other and nurturing our relationship as a girl gang.

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