by Annika Bielig Bussmann

Out of professional and personal reasons, I know how important self care is, especially as a mom.  Stepping into motherhood means stepping into the unknown. On one hand, motherhood brings out the most unconditional love that we have capacity for, and on the other hand, it involves the hardest job we face in our life.

Self care and work-life balance are not only important, they are crucial milestones on our path toward the self and serve as the guides to just be - a Woman.  Wearing many hats on a daily basis sometimes disconnects from our own identity.  The identity to be YOU - an independent woman, a creative soul.


Listen to yourself, and welcome ALL the emotions in your life. Avoiding them leads to fear and anxiety. Anger, Fear, Joy, Pleasure, Sadness, Pressure, Happiness.   They belong all together and through the act of acceptance, allows us to react from a place of state of trust.   Sharing your emotions, creating daily rituals and counseling is the tool to find your inner soul while being vulnerable and strong at the same time.


Dedicating time for your self care doesn't have to be a hassle. And it doesn't mean you have to work out every day or attend every event. Before you start scheduling your time, either take a short walk and let your mind flow what you really crave - what makes you happy? One-on-one sessions, group sessions, sport, friends or a mini day retreat with yourself. We are all different - connecting with your soul means being honest with yourself.  My personal choice is mind mapping, either a visual mind mapping or journaling, to manifest what I am missing and what I need right now.  Scheduling time for yourself creates a ritual, a purposeful meaning for your self care. 


Feeling a sense of belonging, being surrounded by women who are facing the same things in life, who can cheer you up or hold you tight when you need it, and be creative when you crave after it, this is the key to pure happiness. Since I became a mother, I treasure having  many women in my life whom I can trust and who make life the colorful journey I never want to miss.  I am glad I have a diversity in this group of badass women - from moms, to creative artists to long time friends who I have on speed dial for that call at 1 in the morning.

And with everything in life, things change in small steps and our habits need time to change.  Welcome the change.  Be U - BE Connected- Be UR Own Badass Woman in Life.


Annika is a photographer who creates intimate, timeless portraits of women in wild, natural settings showcasing the mystery of their own beauty. She's also the face behind PURWOMEN which offers intimate self care workshops and retreats for women.  She lives with her son, husband and their little dog in Portland.