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Pacific Northwest stylist Victoria lives in a world of juxtaposition. She is part vagabond, part home body, 100% packrat and creative in every way. We spent a rainy Portland morning in her cozy home playing dress up, stealing peeks at her eclectic art and fashion collection, and learning why her mama motto is "Stress Less."


photos by mikola accuardi

interview by karin hesselvik


what's the first thing you remember creating?

I used to design and draft houses when I was about 10 and write songs.  Neither had much depth but I remember loving doing it.


With my hands (and being honest)…dinner. For fun…I set my intentions for the year as I do every year.  This year I painted them.

are you a kid or a grown up?

I'm a little bit of both, but mostly a grown up. 

what are you most proud of?

Enzo (my son). 

when are you your most creative self?

I don't think I’ve made it to my most creative self yet but I’m working on it. I find that creativity comes through the process of struggling and learning.  Without experience, how can we really feel? And without feelings, how can we really create meaningful things? It's all connected. 


Art made by people I love. My Dad’s drawings and my friend Corbin’s birthday painting she made me are precious.

Anything handmade or written is always very special to me.

one thing that brings you peace?

My home. And taking baths. 

One thing that energizes you?

A To Do list. 

What does freedom mean to you?

Having a choice.

Your favorite place at home?

I love to be in my living room with my family and friends listening to records and having a fire with a glass of wine in hand.

Three words that describe your take on  motherhood

You will adapt.

what have you learned about yourself since becoming a mom?

That I really love taking care of others. 

What role does creativity play in how you parent?

I guess creativity is just a natural part of who we are so I don’t think of how it’s playing a role.  It just is. I don't know a different way of parenting so we

just roll with it.

A creative/life hack that you've learned as a mom?

Be open to new things and new things will come.

Best thing about having a son?

There are so many but probably that he thinks I am the best thing ever it’s awesome to have someone who loves you the most ever. When he was a baby I

would flip though fashion magazines and he would point at every brunette super model and say “Momma!" I died each time…so cute.

Hardest thing?

School mornings! So much to do, and it's so early... And I only have one kid!

A learning you would like to pass on from your own parents to your son?

That people aren't perfect, and that we're all simple humans. 



Where does your style come from?

My style is very much a mix of highs and lows and comfort. I get my style from growing up with not a ton of money and learning to be resourceful and thrifty. I’m

still this way with my own wardrobe. I love thrifting and also saving for my dream items at Frances May.

If you could style anyone?

Iris Apfel in her own clothing. Would be the most fun to simply see her closet.

Your favorite item right now?

A vintage quilted jacket from Palace. 

A secret place in Portland where some of your styling treasures come from?

Rerun or Sugar Mountain Vintage. 

If you were not a stylist, what would you be doing?

A chef and farmer (or at least trying to be, haha).

How do you define success?


Your biggest struggle right now?


Where do you find inspiration?

Friends and travel.

What would you do with more time?

Take a nap. 

What's a real life moment that doesn't show up on your insta feed?

Me in sweats, maniacally cleaning the house.

What’s a question you wish more people asked?

How can I help?

What’s one thing you would still like to do?

Live in Paris

One dream for 2017?

Maintaining the balance.

What role can we play as creatives/mothers in affecting positive change in our current political landscape?

Raising our children to be kind, aware, present and active in addressing hatred is the best way to help eliminate this divided world we live in. By this I mean telling them about the world and its truths even when we think they are too young to hear it. Building compassion for others is so very important as we witness this merciless and ill-willed government in action.

One thing you’d like to tell another pom pom mom trying to figure it all out