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#metoo - what to do

  • Union/Pine 525 Southeast Pine Street Portland, OR, 97214 United States (map)

#MeToo, what to do

on wednesday, dec 13th join us as we dedicate our final conversation and portland meet up this year to going beyond the #metoo hashtag and tackling this issue from a proactive, inclusive, action-led and empowered perspective. all women including non mamas welcome.  wine and free pizza from our generous friends at Virtous Pie will be served!

we will hear from a speaker panel who will help us address this issue in a healing way, not only as victims, but also as parents, as friends and as partners as we unite in solidarity. they will share resources, information and tools on how we can move beyond feelings of helplessness to a state of action and support.

to honor the important work by social activist Tarana Burke who originally coined the 'Me Too' phrase over 10 years ago, we will donate 50% of proceeds from this meet up to her organization Just Be Inc. focused on the health, well-being and wholeness of young women of color.

we are asking for a $5-10 donation for this event. we recognize that not everyone may be able to donate. when you rsvp via form below, please use the open amount to contribute what works best for you.


Vail Fletcher - joint professor of Communication and Gender and Women Studies, University of Portland; author and farm owner
professor Vail’s research explores the intersections of conflict, culture, and identity, and she has particular expertise in romantic conflict and bullying.  she will address this topic from a historical and cultural context and shine the light on how the role of gender and feminism has evolved as this issue comes to light today. 

Catherine Fixe Chapin - MSW, E - RYT
as a therapist, Catherine offers body-centered therapy to women suffering from sexual harassment and abuse using a combination of modalities to access the somatic (body); the psycho-emotional (feeling); the cognitive (beliefs) and the ancestral (spiritual) aspects of a person. Catherine will provide a holistic insight on #metoo and discuss tools on how we as a community can work toward processing the pain and trauma and transitioning toward a more empowered state.

Dr. Kate Smith - Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Pelvic Care practitioner + Holistic Yoga Therapist (Yoga Union/Prema Health)
specializing in women’s health, Kate will speak about the effects of abuse and the repercussions that women experience in their emotional and physical wellbeing, including how trauma, fear and pain are stored, and can ultimately be released, in our bodies.  she will also share tools and resources available to women to access support and healing. 

event details:

moderation:       event will be co-hosted and moderated by Nikki Fenix and Lydia Lauer

event time:         7 PM arrivals. Q&A panel will commence at 7:30 PM.

baby policy:       due to the sensitive nature of this topic, we ask that only babies of 6 months or below are present

Earlier Event: November 8