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a wise mama once told us this, and we couldn't agree more.... but does it really have to? why is self-care only a thing for the privileged few? and why does it have to be filed under the "mom guilt" category of indulgence?  we want to debunk the notion and description of self care as we believe it's so much more than fancy facials and pricey getaways.


self care comes in MANY forms as we have learned from our friends at Hello My Tribe and it can range from something as simple as taking a time out, a social media break, buying a plant or grabbing a coffee with a friend. it can mean investing in your mental or physical well being, and it can mean saying "no" to things that are not serving you, to make more room for what does.       



we believe self care can be an act of radical and rebellious act of self love.  what do YOU DO to fill your mama cup? we want to hear from you and crowd source this well of mama wisdom. because we could all use some help in helping ourselves...  



in order to participate in our call to action, follow these simple steps:

1. record an Instagram-friendly video of yourself (try to keep to 15 seconds max) stating your first name, where you live and how old your kiddos are. OR IF YOU'RE REALLY CAMERA SHY, you can also email us the responses in the written form. 

2. answer one or two of the following questions in the video:

  1. my favorite way to self care is ............
  2. i'm a (better, happier, more creative, etc.) ........ mom when i ...........
  3. moms need moms because ...........
  4. this mothers day, one wish i have for moms is ..........

3. email your video to pompomsocial@gmail.com (you can also text it to karin at 971.284.9067) by 6 PM PST on Sunday, May 13 (extended deadline for all the stragglers :)). as part of your submission, please include your full name and address in the email or text along with your Instagram handle so we can tag you. we will be posting a series of the videos via our Instagram Stories throughout Mother's Day and into next week so make sure to follow along. Please feel free to post your own video on your own account too to spread the message wider!

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by submitting your video, you will automatically enter into our self care mama raffle! there will be a slew of amazing prizes ranging from life coaching, postpartum doula visit for new mamas, acupuncture, movement classes, healthy foodie treats and more!  see below for a full list of participating vendors. please note that we can only provide raffle gifts to U.S. entries and that the majority of the services will be limited to Portland, OR and NYC based residents aside from a few virtual services.  we will accept video entries from Thursday, May 10 up until 6 PM PST on Sunday May 13th and select winners at random to be announced on Monday, May 14.  if you have any questions, please email us at pompomsocial@gmail.com


check below for this amazing list. we are blown away by the generosity of all our pom pom social friends who have donated to this important call to action! please help support their business where you can!


healthy lunch for two + wellness shot by the new incarnation of Roman Candle called Holiday in SE Portland (all plant based menu) - http://www.holidaypdx.com

post partum visit by Kindred Mother Care www.kindredmothercare.com

1 hour acupuncture session + mama care package – www.goldenhourpdx.com

1 Kosas lipstick (you choose color) from Field trip http://www.shop-fieldtrip.com/

Second issue of Motherhood magazine issue https://motherhoodmagazine.net/

1 hour Thai Massage PREMA HEALTH http://www.premahealth.com/

1 express Facial from Drench Your Skin / Robin Schmitt at PREMA Health http://www.premahealth.com/robinschmitt

Mama care package/wax gift card from Urban Waxx www.urbanwaxx.com

2 haircuts from Magnum Opus  http://www.magnumo.com/

2 passes to “Selfie SessionS” (WORKS SHOP ON SELF CARE)  http://www.selfiesessionsnw.com/


1 life coaching session with mama expert + retreat organizer and yin yogi Carmela Fleury


1 Postpartum doula visit by https://www.momtownnyc.com/

Bespoke mules (whole sizing only) with a private mantra by  https://www.fednyc.com/

1 closet styling session with Donna Duarte-Ladd www.motherburg.com

Movement class by Marina Trejo http://www.marinatrejo.com/