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pom pom /ˈpämpäm/ (noun):

  1. a symbol of playfulness and cheer.
  2. the rah-rah spirit born from women supporting women.



pom pom social is a new community connecting women, rad moms and free spirits - nurturing our creative selves while hustling this thing called motherhood.  We are veteran creatives and rookie moms, and vice versa. We are social creatures of all ages, who come from all over.  We don’t have it all figured at — and we’re ok with that. We find beauty in the imperfect and think life is better when it's a little bit messy.

We believe in the power of connection.  And in the notion that only great things can happen when creative women join together. As free thinkers, as risk takers, and as moms who dare to be cool AF.  We invite all creative thinkers, opinionated trail blazers and independent mamas to join us as we explore the journey of self discovery and motherhood together.  

Our Mission

Our mission with pom pom is to create a platform for connection, inspiration and collaboration. We do this through meet-ups, workshops and storytelling, both in person and online. We seek to ignite the creative spark that exists in all of us and aim to debunk the notion that you have to choose between being a mom and being your best self.  Ultimately, we want to document and celebrate the beautiful mess that is motherhood, and have some fun along the way.    

Our Rally Cry

  • this is a place just for us
  • to nurture our creative spirits
  • to cheer each other on with our virtual pom poms
  • to create new connections
  • to reclaim and rebuild our sense of self
  • to collaborate and create
  • come pom pom with us
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pom pom social was founded by Karin Hesselvik, a communication strategist, creative thinker and new mom. She is a native Swede who has spent her life yo-yoing between the US and Europe, always eager to interact with new cultures, people and experiences. 

Karin’s mission with pom pom is to combine her passion for creativity and community, spark new connections and to unite strong, multi-dimensional women who also happen to be moms.


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