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A new community for rad women and free spirits nurturing our creative selves while hustling this thing called motherhood.

spring 2019


p A R E N T I N G?


image by Austin based mom-of-four Charlotte McWilliams

image by Austin based mom-of-four Charlotte McWilliams


pIP (parenthood in progress)

WTF?!? how did that happen? how did we all become so grown up that we can add PARENTING to our resume of proficient skill sets, next to “conversational French” and “excellent self starter.” Whether you read a bagillion books on the subject, binge-watched ALL the seasons of Parenthood in hopes of magically extracting some deep-rooted knowledge via the Netflix screen from the utopian paradise of the Bravermans, listened to the advice of your well meaning neighbor when you’re rushing out of the house, still dressed in PJs, trying to wrestle your herd of children on the way to school, the plain faced truth is that NOONE can truly prepare you for the staggering role of being a parent and all the nuances of this full time job that we assume for lyfe the second that baby pops out.

Parenting has become a minefield of (mis?)information and judgment, where every article, book or instagram post we read seem to provide conflicting evidence as to the secrets to success. Whether you’re a believer in Authoritarian Parenting or more of a Free Range convert, let’s face it, we’re all just trying to figure it out. We don’t buy the fact that some people are born great parents and others not. Most of us try do do the best we can, trial and error, learn what we can from our short crazies, and then hope that tomorrow will be a little easier. What we do know is that parenting can be a really lonely gig. It’s an unpaid job that requires grueling hours, no sick leave, mountains of patience and of course reaps of return as well (on the good days). This spring we will tackle this topic from different angles and most importantly, we want to add YOUR VOICE to the conversation. Because sharing helps. Judgement doesn’t.

We hope you’ll join us for our next gathering in Portland, on Thursday April 25th, as we get deep with the highs and lows of parenting TEENS (eeek!). We hope to see all you lovely PIPs (Parents-In-Progress) there!


pom pom social




we believe in the power of connection. and that great things can happen when creative women join together. as free spIRITS, as risk takers, and as moms who dare to be honest AF. AT Pom pom social, we BELIEVE THE MOTHERHOOD HUSTLE IS BETTER DONE TOGETHER.

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we know the magic happens IRL. that’s why we host monthly meet ups that foster connection, collaboration & conversation.  we hear from speakers and tackle topics related to self-discovery and creativity amidst the mom hustle. we chat, we challenge, and, yes, we drink wine.

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we embrace the breakdowns and breakthroughs around mom-hood and in having real conversations, about real topics, both in person and through our online and social platforms. we think judging is lame and that moms should be a little nicer to each other.




pom pom social was born out of a cheerful spirit and doing our part in ensuring a better future for our kids. we are socially active and believe in joining together to support fellow female-led organizations, sharing insights and in creating memorable experiences that also do good.





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