A new community for rad women and free spirits nurturing our creative selves while hustling this thing called motherhood.

Mom Crush

Japanese twin mom talks about double joy, the transition of full time work to stay at home mothering and nourishing young CREATIVE minds 


Mom Crush

Brave women and rad mamas know no bounds. They are entrepreneurs, boss ladies, creative thinkers, activists and everything in between. Basically, they are amazing vixens who happen to be moms. These are their portraits. 

She Said/She said

We are interested in the stuff that comes up when two women get personal.  That’s why we’ve tapped intimate female pairings — mama friends, creative partners, work wives, mother and daughters — to skip past the surface and get real.

The M Word

Like we teach our children - it’s important to listen. Here, we invite different voices from the pom pom community to disclose their personal tales of the joys, trials and tribulations of motherhood and beyond.  


We host monthly meet ups and regular workshops

Things are more fun IRL


Meet ups

We believe the magic happens IRL. That’s why we host monthly hangs that foster connection, collaboration and conversation.  We hear from speakers and tackle topics related to self-discovery and creativity amidst the motherhood hustle. We chat, we challenge, and, yes, we drink wine.


We’re not all talk. We also like to get messy. We continuously partner with rad places and teachers who encourage us to use our hands, bodies and brains to nurture and develop our creative spirits in new ways. Come get crafty with us.


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